20 Crowd-sourced Travel Tips from Locals

Crowd-sourced travel tipsOne of the awesome things about growing our community of wanderlusters on Facebook and Twitter is that you hail from all around the world. If we’re headed to a new destination, surely at least one of your has some tips to offer. Since our communities on Facebook and Twitter have grown so much in the two years we’ve been on Facebook and the five years we’ve been on Twitter, we recently asked you to tell us where you’re from and what’s the one thing a tourist should do when visiting your hometown. The responses were so awesome, we’ve turned them into 20 crowd-sourced travel tips from locals:

Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast photo courtesy of Angie Away

1. Kauai, Hawaii

There are so many amazing natural wonders to see on this tiny island in the middle of the pacific, But the Na Pali Coast seen by helicopter or boat is completely awe inspiring! – Erin, Kauai, USA

2. Bellevue, Iowa

I love anything to do with water. We have the Mississippi River to enjoy and have our rental guest cottage, Spruce Haven, to share it with others. – Janae, Bellevue, USA

3. Leuven, Belgium

Have a beer at the longest bar in Europe, the Oude Markt. – Sophie, Leuven, Belgium

4. Nashville, Tennessee

A visit to 2nd Ave, The Opryland Hotel, and of course The Grand Ole Opry are a must. Also try fried pickles! – Ruth, Nashville, USA

Oxbow Public Market

Oxbow Public Market

5. Napa Valley, California

Wine tasting, of course. Watch the sunset at Mumm Napa, visit Oxbow Public Market, and eat at Morimoto…have the porkbelly yummm! – Shelly, Napa, USA

6. Vilseck, Germany

Do a night watchman tour of the town! – Victoria, Vilseck, Germany

7. Manchester, England

Tour old trafford- man utd stadium and tour the Budweiser Brewery. – Rachel, Manchester, England

8. Arcadia, California

Visitors should check out the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden (where many movies, TV shows, and music videos are filmed) as well as the Santa Anita Park (the famous race track where the Breeder’s Cup is going to be held this year). – Michelline, Arcadia, USA

9. Oahu, Hawaii

One (of many) things a tourist must do is explore the town of Haleiwa and have a shave ice. – Laurie, Oahu, USA

Fried crawfish tails, shrimp gumbo, spicy fries, and a shrimp poboy

Fried crawfish tails, shrimp gumbo, spicy fries, and a shrimp poboy courtesy of Leah Travels

10. Houston, Texas

Eat! We eat out more than any other US city and have something like 11,000 restaurants. Just pick one – but Tex-Mex, Cajun, seafood, and steakhouses are a safe bet. – Leah, Houston, USA

11. Kalispell, Montana

Drive going to the sun road over the continental divide in Glacier National Park, shared with Waterton Park in Canada. This was the first International Peace Park in North America. Skiing in Whitefish, sailing, or kayaking on Flathead Lake (largest fresh water lake West of the Mississippi). Big sky country is great anytime of year. – Angela, Montana, USA

12. Basingstroke, England

Democracy was fought for in a village next to Basingstoke called Old Basing. Burbury, the famous clothing designer, was started in Basingstoke. – Ken, Basingstoke Hampshire, UK

13. Dallas, Texas

Shopping. Dallas is home to more shopping districts per capita than any city in the US. And if you need some high end shopping, we’ve definitely got that. Try Highland Park Village for serious retail damage. – Penny, Dallas, USA

14. Fargo, North Dakota

Eat a donut from the best donut shop in Fargo, Sandy’s Donuts! – Tina, Fargo, USA

Chengdu Research Center

Chengdu Research Center courtesy of Ferreting Out the Fun

15. Chengdu, China

You must see the pandas and eat Sichuan food! – Vernita, Chengdu, China

16. San Paulo, Brazil

Visit all the neighborhoods, the nightlife is amazing, and the contemporary art museum is a must-see! – Erilim, Sao Paulo, Brazil

17. Wyoming, USA

Take the Pumpkin Buttes tour…in June. Also get a map of art studios from AVA Art Center and tour them. – Edie, Wyoming, USA

18. Washington, D.C

Visit the National Mall. – Glinda, Washington D.C., USA

19. Yorkshire, England

Take a trip to York or go for a walk in the beautiful countryside. So beautiful! – Emma, Huddersfield, UK

20. Erie, Pennsylvania

Rollerblade, bike, or walk the Peninsula. And make sure you have a pepperoni ball! – Heather, Erie, USA


Have one of our own to add for your hometown? Leave us a comment, send us a tweet, or say hello to us on Facebook and we’ll add it to this awesome crowd-sourced travel tips list!

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20 Crowd-sourced Travel Tips from Locals


  1. says

    I love this idea – who better to give tips than the locals themselves! We’ll be visiting Nashville for the first time on our road trip in June and I’ll be sure to try the fried pickles :-)

      • says

        I am from Australia. I have already been shown around the national mall on segways by a local. I think the next thing on this I would like to try is see the Pandas in China. I literally just left China yesterday and wished I was able to have more time there. More of a reason to go back right 😉

      • says

        I’m from Brighton, England, and would recommend branching out – the city centre and the stretch of beach in front of it is the most touristy place, with the pier, the Laines, and the Pavilion all in close proximity. But if you head even just ten minutes in either direction along the beach, you come across some much quieter and better looking beaches.

  2. says

    That is a very interesting idea Jennifer! Obviously the locals should know best what to do in their country and since we can nowadays connect with everyone, it seems great to use that to our advantage. Thanks for the great tips and pointing out a new direction in travel planning… :)

    • says

      Guidebooks can only get you so far and highlight the main attractions. I love hearing about the treasures only locals know about. Social networks definitely add a new dimension to travel planning these days.

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