Sweden in a Volvo | Win a Trip to Sweden #inaVolvo

Do you know much about Sweden? Sure, you probably know that Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, you can sing along to every word of Swedish pop band ABBA’s Dancing Queen, and you’ve no doubt put together DIY furniture from IKEA at some point in your life. But I bet you didn’t know this: Sweden is the second most coffee consuming country in the world. They even have a special word for it – fika – because a cup of coffee is about way more than just drinking it; it’s a social ritual. Intrigued? Then read on to find out what Sweden in a Volvo is all about.

West Sweden Explorer

Our #WestSweden Explorer trip


We’ve been itching to go to Sweden for a while. We got a tiny taste of Arctic Sweden when we visited the village of Kukkolaforsen, but our afternoon there left us wanting more. So we’re incredibly excited to be heading to Sweden May 31st with Visit Sweden and Volvo. No, we won’t be chasing any Northern Lights on this trip; it’s that time of the year to experience the Midnight Sun with nearly 18 hours of daylight each day of our trip. So we can definitely fit in a whole lot of adventure  – and does Visit Sweden ever have a ton of adventure planned for us!

Along with three other bloggers – a food lover, an art lover, and an environmentalist – Visit Sweden and Volvo have selected us to as their explorers to showcase the best of what West Sweden has to offer for active adventurers like us. Take a look at all that we’ll be up to here and then enter to win a trip to Sweden just like the one we’ll be on.

Win a Trip to Sweden


Moose collision road sign

Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet


Our friends at Visit Sweden tell us exploring Sweden by car is easy and road tripping is one of our favorite ways to travel. We hear that the roads are well maintained and traffic jams are rare. But we’re prepared to meet the occasional moose on the road. And Volvo is ensuring we can travel without limits (they SO get us) by sending us around West Sweden in a brand new 2015 Volvo XC70. We’ll pick up our all-terrain XC70 at the Volvo Factory in Gothenburg…we just might not want to give it back at the end of the week! We are currently shopping for a new car…(hint, hint).

You may be wondering why on earth Volvo would just send us around Sweden. Well, Volvo Car Corporation was founded in Gothenburg in 1927 and Volvo is still manufactured in Sweden today. They even have an Overseas Delivery Program which offers a complimentary trip to Sweden with the purchase of a participating Volvo vehicle. How cool is that? Pick out your new Volvo at the Volvo Factory in Gothenburg, take it for a test drive around Sweden, and then it will be shipped to you at home in the US to your nearest authorized dealership.

What To Expect in West Sweden

Our Explorer trip is a perfect mix of urban adventure, nature, and comfort in chic hotels where we can relax along the way. We’re excited about exploring Gothenburg while paddling kayaks in the canals, heading out to several of the islands, and feeding moose at the Moose Park in Dalsland. There are 97,500 lakes in Sweden and we’ll be hitting at least one of them in a canoe and doing some mountain biking for fantastic views over the lake. We won’t give away everything that we’ll be up to; you’ll just have to follow along with the hashtags #WestSweden and #inaVolvo. So be sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sweden in a Volvo is going to be one amazing trip and we can’t wait to show you all of the awesome adventures you can have in Sweden. Are you ready to start planning your own trip yet? Or maybe pick up your new Volvo in Gothenburg?

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Sweden in a Volvo | Win a Trip to Sweden #inaVolvo


  1. says

    Wow that sounds like fun! I’ve only been to Stockholm but loved it and would love to go back and see more so I’m excited to follow your adventure. Watch out for those Moose 😉

    • says

      A visit to Stockholm has long been on our list. We won’t make it there this trip, but we’ll have to get some tips from you when we do make it there.

  2. says

    I’ve always wanted to go and so have my kids! Look forward to following. I wonder what will impress you most or what you won’t want to leave…

    • says

      I didn’t know either, Brittany! Guess I won’t have any trouble finding my morning cappuccino. It sounds like we’ll have tons of cafes to check out.

  3. says

    Kayaking through the canals sounds like a great way to explore! (And yes- how fun would it be to drive your new car around Sweden before shipping it “home!”)

    • says

      That’s awesome, Angela! Good luck. Hopefully you’ll be headed to Sweden and can check out your heritage there. Since you are half Swedish, are there any foods you recommend we should try while there?

  4. says

    We just returned from our very first visit to a Scandinavian country and I am ready to visit the rest of Scandinavia. We even thought about crossing the bridge from Denmark to Sweden just so we could spend a few hours in the country. That will be so much fun to drive a new Volvo around Sweden! By the way, I can sing along to every word of every ABBA song, not just Dancing Queen. :)

    • says

      I’m loading up my iPhone with ABBA before the trip. Only fitting that we jam out to ABBA while road tripping around West Sweden!

      We haven’t been to Denmark and it’s the last of the Scandinavian countries for us. Hopefully we make it there soon and I’ll definitely be asking you for some tips, Katherine. :-)

  5. says

    Great competition! My knowledge of Sweden is exactly what you described, only I also have great knowledge of Roxette. I’ve only been to Stockholm and the amazing ABBA museum and would love to explore further!

  6. says

    I had no idea Sweden was the second most coffee consuming country in the world… Looking forward to learning even more from your posts after your trip. Enjoy!

  7. says

    We only got to to visit Sweden (Stockholm) for one day one a cruise a couple years ago. We loved it and can’t wait to go back! Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

    • says

      Cruises can be such teases, but they are great for discovering places you’d like to go back and spend more time. Hope you back it back to explore more of Sweden, Shanna!

  8. says

    Sounds terrific, I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I spent about 10 days in Goteborg back 2006 on an assignment so had little time to explore. But I really liked what I did see.

    • says

      Great to hear, Bob! We’ve heard great things about Gothenburg and we’ve been Googling all the islands and lakes we’ll also be visiting. It looks stunning so we can’t wait to see it in person and share.

  9. says

    What an awesome trip! Can’t wait to follow along! We loved our adventures in Stockholm and Lapland, but didn’t get to travel through Sweden as much as we had originally wanted. We will actually be back in Stockholm for one day before we fly out on June 1st, but I don’t think we’ll have time to go see Gothenburg, somewhere we really wanted to visit originally. Looking forward to vicariously living through you and planning our next trip back to Western Sweden! Dan is also a HUGE volvo fan (it was his first – and only- car) so he is especially a bit jealous ;-P

  10. Beverly Giles says

    This Swede would love to travel in Sweden in a Volvo won or purchased there. The glass factories and Carl Larsson’ s home are high on my list.

  11. says

    We can t wait to welcome you to West Sweden and we hope that your followers will enjoy reading about your adventure! I am looking forward to meeting you on monday in Gothenburg.
    P.S I just ordered sunshine 😉 D.S

    Have a safe flight!

    All the best, Emelie (Press & PR West Sweden Tourist Board)

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