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Devour Barcelona food tour

Eating My Way through Gràcia with Devour Barcelona

I spent two weeks in Costa Brava a few years ago and was totally unfamiliar with Catalan cuisine before my visit. The first few days went something like excited exclamations of: “Jamón ibérico! Paella!” After two or three days of stuffing my face full of delicious, salty ham and eating every kind of paella, the […]

why it's better to travel with the one you love - sharing food

5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Travel with the One You Love

My heart is broken because I feel like half of me is missing. Tim is serving his country in Afghanistan for the next six months, so expect a lot of solo travel over most of the remainder of this year. To be honest, solo travel isn’t my favorite way to travel. Sure, when I spot […]

Luxe Adventure Traveler of the Month

Luxe Adventure Traveler of the Month: Andrew Jahnke

Welcome to the Luxe Adventure Traveler of the Month series! Here we check in monthly with regular travelers just like you – no blog, no job in the travel industry, just travel. Want to be a Luxe Adventure Traveler of the Month? Get in touch with us at [email protected] This month we check in with […]