The Most Epic Adventures are on EPICLIST

No offense Rick Steves. We had the Rick Steves’ Italy and France guidebooks back in the day. But we’re looking for something different than the same old sights that everyone sees when they go on holiday. We’re looking for adventures of epic proportions, like where to learn the flying trapeze or where we can pilot a stunt plane. You won’t find those off-the-beaten path (and dare I say a bit insane) adventures in a guidebook. But as the old Apple adage used to say, there’s an app for that and it’s called EPICLIST.

Epiclist AppWhat is EPICLIST?

EPICLIST is like an online guide to the best adventures like hiking, surfing, and mountain biking curated by adventure loving travelers just like you and me. With over 10,000 experiences already in the app, accolades from Apple as the ‘Best New Apps’, ‘Best New in Lifestyle’ and ‘Great Free Apps’, and some of the world’s most prominently known travelers like National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Alastair Humphreys using it, we were definitely intrigued when EPICLIST reached out and asked us to review the app.

Epiclist App

Find tour operators in EPICLIST

How does EPICLIST work?

Currently available only for iPhone (but coming to Android soon), you can follow your favorite adventurers and get their latest tips delivered to a Facebook-style newsfeed. You can like, comment, or add items of interest to build your own checklist of bucket list worthy adventures when trip planning.

We liked that the search function lets you search in a number of ways, including by destination, activity type, and even users. We discovered that a number of our favorite tour providers like Arctic Adventures and Urban Adventures. We could see the details of experiences these tour companies offer, including price. That’s a pretty great feature! And we discovered a white water rafting adventure we may just need to check out on our next trip to Iceland.

I mentioned that many of the experiences are curated by travelers just like you and me. You can create your own recommendations in the app as either an entire itinerary (called a journey) or individual experiences. We added a journey, 10 Things to Do in Arizona in Summer, and it was super easy. If you have a blog like us, you can copy and paste information over from your blog in just a few clicks. Upload a photo from your iPhone or browse through the photos in the app and Flickr.

Another feature we think is pretty awesome is the explore feature. Click on “nearby” and you can discover new experiences near your current location. It’s great for finding something to do in your own hometown or when you’re traveling.


Create your own journeys on EPICLIST

Are we EPICLIST fans now?

We really like that you can find a number of unique and off-beat adventures all right in the app. There are definitely some inspiring users creating experiences and we’ve added a few to our own bucket list. As pro bloggers, we also really like that we have another place to share our content and potentially grow our audience.

We always keep it real, so we must say that we do think there is some room for improvement in the app. The biggest improvement we’d like to see is when we searched for hikes, we discovered that different ones appear under “hike”, “hikes”, and “hiking”. It would be great if the app could associate variations of a word like hike into one category instead of creating multiple categories.

Overall, we like EPICLIST and we did already find that white water rafting adventure in Iceland. Score! You can check out EPICLIST by downloading it here or learn more about EPICLIST on their website.

Disclosure: We were compensated to write a review the EPICLIST app; however, we were not required to write a positive review. As always, all opinions are entirely our own and we only recommend destinations, products, and services we ourselves use.

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The Most Epic Adventures are on EPICLIST


  1. Larry Dombrowski says

    Nice app evaluation. I like the honesty of the review. Looking forward to the Android version.

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