A Monumental Moment

We share a lot about us personally through our travel tales, but we still like to keep a few secrets here and there and rarely share the big moments in our lives. Today is a bit different because I am so very proud of a huge accomplishment!

If you’ve been following us for a while now, you know that we both work full time jobs in addition to this travel blog. And if you also follow along on our Facebook Page, you might have noticed that I’m traveling but things seem a bit quiet. I work as a communications manager and social media strategist at Grand Canyon University and I’m extremely blessed that I was able to continue to do my job remotely when we moved to Italy. The reason things have been a bit quiet is because once a year I travel to Phoenix and join the masses commuting to an office each day.

A perk of working for an institution of higher learning is that continuing education is always encouraged and employees have fantastic tuition benefits. For the last few years, I have been plugging away at earning my degree in Applied Management one class at a time online.I’ve participated in online class discussions and written papers from Svalbard to the Maldives and everywhere in between. All while blogging and working! And yet, we still managed to visit 25 countries last year and 18 countries the year before.

Last Thursday, I took my place in the sound booth in GCU Arena and approved thousands of congratulatory text messages from proud friends and family members as our traditional campus students graduated in two separate ceremonies. Friday, it was my turn to finally step out from behind the scenes, ignore the Radian6 alerts, Facebook posts, tweets, and countless emails I receive daily for a few hours and celebrate my accomplishments.

Jdombs-Travels-Graduation Renowned graffiti artist Eric Wahl delivered the keynote speech and I watched anxiously from my seat on the arena floor as he painted Michael Jordan and Mickey Mouse with his hands all while telling us to follow our dreams. Finally, it was time to rise and receive our diplomas. I nervously took deliberate step by deliberate step praying I wouldn’t trip. Finally, my name was called and I proudly marched across the stage and shook Interim Dean of Ken Blanchard College of Business, Dr. McClean’s hand and grasped my diploma. I had finally done it!

Tim wasn’t able to make the trip to Phoenix with me and my mom and dad were in Pennsylvania, but thanks to technology, they were “there” and able to watch my graduation via a live stream.

I feel like I am supposed to leave you with some sort of sage piece of advice. So, I guess it would be this: it’s never too late in life to earn a degree and it is possible to do so while still enjoying the things you enjoy most!

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A Monumental Moment


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    Yeah! Congrats! All your hard work has paid off! What’s even more impressive is how you juggle so many balls at once. I have no idea how you do it! Congrats again!

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      Thanks, Sophie! Yes, there were so many times we were traveling and I would rather have been doing anything else but sitting in a hotel writing a paper. Even worse when the wifi wouldn’t work in the room and I was camped out in the lobby, ect. I can’t tell you how happy I am not to have to do that anymore!

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        I completely understand. I’ve always loved styding but after my final year I was happy it was over. Of course that’s completely different from what you did – I was just at university, but I think I can imagine your sense of ‘woohoo!’:-)

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    A huge congratulations. My gosh you’ve been busy. Do you feel like you have lots of time now or does the blog just eat up all your former studying time?

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