Wine Wednesday: Super Bowl Wine Pairings

Super Bowl Wine PairingsAre you ready for some football?! As a non-football-loving and non-beer-drinking spouse that has been dragged to her fair share of Super Bowl Sunday parties, drinkable wines are my key to surviving the hootin’ and hollerin’ game day. Wine isn’t just for pairing with a perfectly pink filet or an aromatic herb crusted lamb chop. Try these Super Bowl wine pairings with your greasy, salty, no-utensils-required snacks:

Wine to Pair with Cheetos and Chips

Made from California Graciano grapes, Arizona Hops and Vines Moxy has delicate and spicy flavors. With a lively fruity taste, Moxy is perfect for pairing with Cheetos or chips and is easily enjoyed for the duration of the game.

Arizona Hops and Vines Moxy $25 per bottle.

Wine to Pair with Pizza

Italy is the motherland of pizza wines and Chianti is a a natural pizza partner. Made from Sangiovese grapes, a straight Chianti is lighter-bodied and less tannic than its oakier big brother. It will bring out the spiciness of a pepperoni pizza just the right amount.

Try a Chianti DOCG which can be found for around $10 – 15 per bottle.

Wine to Pair with Chilli

The key to pairing wine with chilli is to strike a balance between the heat of the chilli and the tannins and acidity of the wine. That’s why one of my very favorite red wines, Malbec, pairs perfectly with chilli. With lush blueberry and blackberry fruits, chocolately accents, and supple tannins it’s a great bargain wine that brings out the flavors of the chilli.

A favorite is Salentein Reserve Malbec 2010 $20 per bottle.

Wine to Pair with Burgers

Hamburgers are an all-American choice on Super Bowl Sunday and the best burger wines will be structured enough to handle the savory beef, yet light-bodied and fruity to balance all the flavors from the condiments. Cabernet Sauvignon does well with burgers.

Try Provocative Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 $28 per bottle.

BubbledogsWine to Pair with Hot Dogs

I recently discovered that the best wine to pair with hot dogs isn’t a wine at all, but champagne! Try dressing your hot dogs up gourmet-style with macaroni and cheese, french fried onions, and bacon bits. Pair with a Brut for a surprisingly delicious taste!

Champagne Möet & Chandon Impérial is a great value champagne at $50 per bottle.

Wine to Pair with Wings

No matter whether you like your wings in a sweet barbecue or a spicy hot sauce, Zinfandel pairs nicely with both and is a wing winner. A Zin has enough ripe and jammy fruit to balance out the sweetness of the barbecue and pick up the heat and acidity of the hot sauce.

Try Bitter Creek Winery Crusader $20.

Now grab a glass – or bottle – and tell us who you’re rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday!

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Wine Wednesday: Super Bowl Wine Pairings


  1. says

    LOL I’m such a bad American, I don’t even know who is in the Super Bowl. However I have been craving some American and glass of wine so now the only question is “can I find any of these wines in Vietnam?” hehehe. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Larry says

    I’m going with the hot dogs and wings this year. I’ll be hitting the wine store this weekend to pick up the right wines.

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