Sponsored Posts: An Explanation

What is a Sponsored Post?

Jdomb’s Travels has been committed to cultivating an organic community that encourages independent travel.

In order to keep producing our amazing content and bringing you new travel services that you want, we rely on the support of some great advertisers — and that includes experimenting with new advertising ideas like sponsored posts and giveaways.

How it works:

  • We work hard to feature advertisers that are relevant and interesting to you.
  • Sponsored Posts will always be identified with a “Sponsored Post” notification and authored by the company sponsoring the post, so that you know the difference between Tim or Jennifer raving about their favorite boutique hotel or tour. A company we like may have purchased a Sponsored Post to guaranteed coverage.
  • Sponsored Posts are written by the Jdomb’s Travels editorial team and the advertiser, to keep it real and relevant to our readers.
  • Tim and Jennifer often write about services and companies that they love as a result of personal experience with the companies. Requesting a sponsored post does not get a company additional coverage.
  • Some Sponsored Posts include a giveaway!