Oulu Market Hall at Market Square

Oulu Market HallOulu Market Hall has been an important part of the Market Square for over 100 years. Located at the sea front, the Market Square has and continues to be a popular meeting place for locals. The famous Market Square Policeman statue, erected in honor of the policeman that once patrolled the square and kept order, watches over Market Square and the sea.

Oulu Market HallJust as in the olden days since 1901 when it was built, Oulu Market Hall has a selection of food products like fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, cheese, bread, and meats only found in Lapland like reindeer, moose, and bear. There are also a selection of handicrafts on offer and many locals gather for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

Oulu Market Hall Oulu Market HallWe stopped by Kylmänen meat shop to pick up reindeer, moose, and bear salami because they are cured and can easily travel. Oh, how we would have loved to bring home some reindeer filets, which are so tender they practically melt in your mouth! Prices for the salami are by the kilogram, so may seem expensive. They are actually quite reasonable for at around €5 – €10 per salami, with the bear being the most expensive.

Oulu Market Hall Oulu Market HallOutside the Oulu Market Hall, the old granaries (originally used as warehouses to store things like salt) have been converted into handicraft shops selling things like reindeer pelts and fur hats to unique restaurants and cafes.

Oulu Market HallWith the vendors already soaking up the sun on gorgeous Lapland spring days, it’s easy to imagine the Market Square lively with vendors filling it in summertime.

Know Before You Go

  • Oulu Market Hall is open Monday – Thursday from 8am – 5pm, Friday from 8am – 6pm, and Saturday from 8am – 3pm.
  • All vendors accept credit cards.
  • Drop a postcard in the post box at Market Hall for a special “Bobby the Policeman” stamp, which makes a great souvenir!

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Oulu Market Hall at Market Square


    • says

      The fur are real. The native people use every part of the animal when they hunt them, usually using the furs to make clothes. Now that the native people have modernized, they also sell them.

  1. says

    I tried reindeer while visiting my friend in Alaska once, tasted pretty good. I know I’ve had moose before too, but never had bear. I really like visiting markets when I travel, this sounds like a good one.

  2. says

    I think I have seen Reindeer advertised here as well, but I am not certain. I love markets as we travel. Might be a place to go see.

  3. says

    Fish pies? With the entirety of the several small fish baked in a pie? Not sure if I’d have the gumption to try this outlandish dish. Can not believe all the animal hide they have for sale. Poor critters. Loved reading about your Oulu Market Hall adventure. Thanks for posting, and good luck in future travels.

    • says

      There was quite the selection, Lauren! We didn’t try the fish pies either but they sure did look interesting. Plenty of locals were enjoying them for lunch.

      The Sami, who aren’t so nomadic anymore, sell the animal furs. They use every part of the animal and reindeer skins are apparently quite warm.

  4. Bon says

    Oulu is not located in Lapland and the indigenous Sami people of Lapland do not live in Oulu. Those foods and furs may be from Lapland though.

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