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Canyonlands Ballooning

10 Bucket List Trips to Take in Your 30s

I have celebrated my faux 29th birthday again and again…and again. I officially enter my mid-thirties in a few days and it’s time to embrace it. I mean, what’s really so terrible about being 35? If you’re like me with your 20s undeniably in the rear view mirror, you probably have more money in your […]

Beginner's Guide to Wine Tasting

The Beginner’s Guide to Wine Tasting

You sit down at a nice restaurant and are presented the wine list. You might ask for a few recommendations and finally settle upon a bottle to order. Before you know it, your waiter is proudly presenting the bottle to you and pours just a tasting amount in the glass with a flourish. If you’re […]

Dog Sledding in Swedish Lapland

Unforgettable Winter Adventures in Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is magical in the winter. Snow that sparkles like a sea of diamonds, spotting herds of reindeer, trees so heavy with snow that they dip precariously toward the ground, and green curtains dancing across the night sky. There’s a thrill to stepping off the plane at the tiny airport and spotting the negative […]