Luxe Adventure Traveler Approved: UGOBAGS Customized Luggage

As travel writers, we pride ourselves on the luggage we carry while jetting around the world. We want our luggage to be functional, yet stylish no matter whether we’re packing for a two-week tour of Thailand or a three-day Tuscan getaway. We most certainly don’t want to show up at our next five star hotel with a beaten up bag that looks like it’s been dragged around to 50-some countries with us. So when UGOBAGS, a brand new company offering customized luggage, asked us to review their lightweight spinner we were beyond excited. Our custom spinner arrived just in time for our latest trip and now that we’ve been dragging it around Sweden for a week, we can tell you exactly what we think.


Photo courtesy of UGOBAGS

Customized Luggage

UGOBAGS was created by a group of travelers who know how important a durable piece of luggage is and that your luggage should have just as much personality as you do. After all, it is a reflection of you and your style.  With UGOBAGS, you don’t need to stick a sticker on or tie a ribbon to your black bag just so it stands out from the crowd. Customers can completely design your own custom bag in three easy steps with your own photo or text to be added to your bag. Choose the size and then choose from a variety of colors for your spinner wheels, handles, and more. And just in case you’re not feeling creative, UGOBAGS has a fantastic library of designs you can also choose from.


Our new medium-sized UGOBAGS spinner

Our UGOBAGS Spinner

The first thing we noticed when our UGOBAGS arrived was how incredibly light it was. We selected the medium and it weighs just 7 pounds. It came in its own dust bag, perfect for storing when we aren’t on the road traveling. Pulling the bag off revealed the sleek design with our logo and smiling faces on it. It was love at first sight!

The minimalist interior means you can use every inch of your UGOBAGS. The exterior is a hard plastic and while the interior is lined, there is very little in the way of padding, leaving more space for your things. Unlike our other clamshell spinner, our new UGOBAGS has a lot of pockets in the dividers. One side completely zips shut like a garment bag to secure everything in. The other side also has a divider that secures with two clips. The lack of pockets was the one drawback and thing I’ve been missing since I switched to a hard clamshell, but my new UGOBAGS spinner solves that problem.


Ready to put my UGOBAGS spinner to the test at our home airport, Marco Polo

The Airport Test

The four 360-degree wheels made moving this spinner super easy. You can literally push it with one finger. Like a protective mamma, I wanted to wrap it with the saran wrap at the machine in the airport but we checked it and waited at the baggage claim in Gothenburg to see how it would stand up to a thorough beating in an airport’s checked bags labyrinth. The construction is very sturdy and it did great! We pulled it off the carousel with no dents. I chose white, and it did get dirty but the smudges wipe clean. It’s definitely not a fault of the bag, but I probably wouldn’t choose white again.

We’ve been wheeling it around Sweden for a week now and it wheels smoothly and easily even when full. It has a built-in TSA approved lock, which is great for securing your bag no matter whether checking it or just as a security measure while it sits in your hotel room. The one and only thing we’d improve is to add an expandable zipper.

Overall, we love our new UGOBAGS spinner. Not only is it functional, each time we check it we just may get a new reader as the other passengers watch it take a trip around the baggage carousel. We honestly love it so much, we’re considering replacing my small spinner with a small size UGOBAGS to match.

Want one of your own? The UGOBAGS website will be available for ordering on June 25, 2014.

Disclosure: UGOBAGS provided us with a custom medium spinner for us to review the quality and durability. As always, all opinions are entirely our own.


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Luxe Adventure Traveler Approved: UGOBAGS Customized Luggage


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    Great idea! This would make it much easier to spot your luggage at baggage claim. the jdombs travel logo looks very cool.

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