5 Summer Festivals Not to Miss in Northern Italy

Venice Festa del Redentore

It’s the first day of summer and while the temperatures may be sweltering in Northern Italy, I’m still excited summer has finally arrived. It’s the season of some of my favorite festivals. Here are 5 summer festivals not to miss in Northern Italy: Festa del Redentore Originally a celebration to give thanks for the end […]

10 Things to Do at Milan Expo

Milan Expo 2015

Milan Expo has been the most anticipated world’s fair in decades. This year’s theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and it’s a fun, yet educational way to learn about sustainability and food security. With 145 countries represented at the 1.1 million square meter exhibition space, it can be a bit overwhelming to know […]

Where to Eat and Drink in Milan

Panzerotti di Luini

Most non-business travelers only pass through Milan for a night or maybe two. It’s a shame because the city has a lot to offer visitors. Not only are there must-see attractions like the Duomo, Da Vinci’s Last Supper and Castello Sforzesco, Milan is home to Italy’s hottest dining scene. You’ll find everything from the city’s […]

7 Must Visit Wineries for Cantine Aperte

Cantine Aperte Friuli Venezia Giulia

  “And on the seventh day God rested from all the work he had done.” Twelve years of Catholic school has the Book of Genesis burned into my brain. But in America, not much is actually closed on a Sunday. As Americans our 24/7, go-go-go, need-it-now mentality makes us forget that time practically stands still […]

13 Reasons to Go to Friuli Venezia Giulia Right Now

Gliding at Piancavallo

Everyone knows any Italy itinerary should include visits Rome, Florence, and Venice. You might even know some of Italy’s “off-the-beaten-path” (that really aren’t so off-the-beaten-path anymore) destinations like San Gimignano, Bologna, and Cinque Terre. But I’d bet that unless you live in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia like us, you’ve probably not heard of or ever considered […]

8 Types of Italian Coffees, Explained


Ordering coffee in Italy isn’t as simple as queueing up at your local Starbucks. First, Italians are unfamiliar with the concept of a queue and second, it is always cheaper (and the Italian way) to order your coffee at the bar and drink it standing up. There likely isn’t a menu of the coffee drinks […]

15 Places to Travel in 2015


Each year we look forward to planning our own travels and since we’ve got a community of readers that love to live a life of adventure, just like us, we know you do too! Our 14 places to go in 2014 was such a hit with you all last year, that we’ve once again done […]

La Partita a Scacchi: Marostica’s Human Chess Game

Marostica Human Chess Game

The hilltop town of Marostica in the Veneto Plains is famous for two things: its special heart shaped variety of cherries that is the only Italian variety of cherry to earn P.G.I (protected geographic indication) and the Marostica Human Chess Game played on the inlaid marble chess board dominating the square. Related: Hiking to Marostica’s […]