Monte Carlo

Supercar in Monte Carlo

Tim with a Lamborghini

The Monte Carlo project in March 2014 was a collaboration between Jdomb’s Travels and Monte Carlo SBM. Various dining experiences and accommodations were provided by partners and Jennifer and Tim showcased the culinary side and the variety of things to do in Monaco. Most visitors to Monte Carlo are day trip visitors and the main objective of the campaign was to uncover why visitors should consider Monte Carlo for a longer holiday.

During Jennifer and Tim’s 4-day stay in Monte Carlo, they tweeted, Instagrammed, and posted live updates of the trip under the hashtags #montecarlosbm and #mymontecarlo

The Results of #montecarlosbm

  • a total of 4 posts, including a Monaco guide, were published for the 4-day trip
  • >3200+ unique blog page views for the #montecarlosbm campaign
  • the posts were tweeted more than 300+ times, reached more than 170,000 Twitter accounts, and generated more than 192,000 impressions
  • 13 Instagrams shared; 765+ likes received
  • 15 updates shared on Facebook; 729+ likes, comments, and shares received



Results as of April 9, 2014