5 Books to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Venice, Italy

Some say that people travel to escape life. Well, I say those people are idiots. Travel is about living life. When I do want to escape, I pick up a book (technically I pick up my iPad loaded with my library of eBooks, but you get the point). Books transport us to another time, another […]

Luxe Adventure Traveler of the Month: Mary Boggi

Luxe Adventure Traveler of the Month

Welcome to the Luxe Adventure Traveler of the Month series! Here we check in monthly with regular travelers just like you – no blog, no job in the travel industry, just travel. Want to be a Luxe Adventure Traveler of the Month? Get in touch with us at [email protected] This month we check in with […]

Italy Off-the-Beaten-Path Road Trip: Viterbo

Civita di Bagnoregio

Rome. Been there. Florence. Done that. More than a couple of times, in fact. While I love Italy’s most visited cities, they can feel like overcrowded theme parks on the Fourth of July. I tossed out my Italy guide books, well all of my guide books, a long time ago and like to discover things […]

Sauternes: Bordeaux’s Sweet Wine

Chateau de Myrat

Once upon a time there was a girl that drank Moscato with her meal. I hang my head as I admit that the girl committing that faux pas was me. In my defense, I was whatever today’s millennials would have been 15 years ago and just wanted to feel grown up drinking wine. I hadn’t […]

10 Things to Know Before Driving in Italy

paletta del poliziotto

Driving in Italy isn’t the scary and crazy endeavor that Hollywood (or sometimes fellow travelers) make it out to be. As a six year car owning resident of Italy, I realized just how different my adopted country’s laws of the road are when Leah Travels and I embarked on an epic road trip around the […]

The Wine Lover’s Guide to Paris

Clos Montmarte

Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne. These are the magical words that elicit dreams of corks popping and the aromatic scents of black cherry, vanilla and spice. Naturally, these are the regions that come to mind when planning a wine tasting trip to France. You might be surprised to know that you can combine a French wine tasting […]

Cittadella: A Hidden Gem in the Veneto


I couldn’t believe I was the only one on the Medieval wall. “It’s like this most of the time,” Ilaria told me as we walked. On one hand, it was utter bliss to be away from the crowds that descend on Italy’s most popular cities in summer. On the other, it’s a shame so many […]