Wine Wednesday: Super Bowl Wine Pairings

Arizona Hops and Vines

Are you ready for some football?! As a non-football-loving and non-beer-drinking spouse that has been dragged to her fair share of Super Bowl Sunday parties, drinkable wines are my key to surviving the hootin’ and hollerin’ game day. Wine isn’t just for pairing with a perfectly pink filet or an aromatic herb crusted lamb chop. […]

The Secret Movie Theater at One Aldwych

Film & Fizz One Aldwych

I have a confession. After a day running around sightseeing, hiking, kayaking or whatever latest adventure it is that we’re researching, I’m exhausted! I long ago was over the nightlife scene and it might sound lame, but I’m often more than happy to just order room service and stay in. So when One Aldwych, a luxe 5-star […]

Un”wine”ding at the Ritz Carlton Chicago Spa


The health benefits of wine are undisputed. Red wine – in moderation, that is – has heart-healthy benefits and doctors say that the antioxidants even help prevent heart disease. The early Europeans were ages ahead in documenting the grape’s health benefits. Greek physician Hippocrates even used wine to treat patients in the 4th century B.C. […]

The Best of Bremen

Bremen Town Hall

Bremen is a buzzing Hanseatic city on the Weser River, which delightfully feels like stepping back into the 15th century. Even on a gray day, the Altstadt (Old Town) glitters in all its glorious gilding and the Gothic Town Hall is beautifully baubled and blinged out. We really only scratched the surface, but these are […]

5 Must Visit Wineries for Cantine Aperte

Cantine Aperte Friuli Venezia Giulia

  “And on the seventh day God rested from all the work he had done.” Twelve years of Catholic school has the Book of Genesis burned into my brain. But in America, not much is actually closed on a Sunday. As Americans our 24/7, go-go-go, need-it-now mentality makes us forget that time practically stands still […]

5 Vino Vacations to Take This Summer

Sunset at Santo Wines Winery

Enchanting wine regions with stunningly beautiful vineyards, colorful landscapes, and (of course) top notch vino are the essentials of a wine vacation. Winery tours and tastings are just a start though, so we’ve put together these 5 types of wine vacations to help you plan the perfect wine-lovers retreat for your travel personality. Each promises […]

Wine Ski Safari in the Dolomites

Wine Ski Safari

Recently on Twitter a follower tweeted me and professed wine tasting to be boring, with a capital B no less. “It’s all the same – swirl, sniff, sip. What’s adventurous about that?,” she wanted to know. Let me introduce you to Alta Badia‘s annual Wine Ski Safari, the most adventurous way we’ve gone wine tasting […]

Wine Wednesday: Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairings

Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairings

It’s that time of the year where you can’t walk into a grocery store or Target without running into cute little girls pedaling those addictive boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. You might usually pour a big tall glass of milk to dunk those cookies in. I even like the Trefoils with a nice cup of […]

Wine Wednesday: Champagne and Gourmet Hotdogs


Champagne and caviar…nope, not at Bubbledogs. This clever restaurant swapped out caviar and instead pairs their flutes of bubbly with gourmet hotdogs. And people line up literally around the block to wait to try what sounds like an odd culinary combination! I, of course, had to join the crowd and find out what the hype […]