10 Bucket List Trips to Take in Your 30s

Canyonlands Ballooning

I have celebrated my faux 29th birthday again and again…and again. I officially enter my mid-thirties in a few days and it’s time to embrace it. I mean, what’s really so terrible about being 35? If you’re like me with your 20s undeniably in the rear view mirror, you probably have more money in your […]

Puffins and the Pompeii of the North

Heimaey from the top of Eldfell

Icelanders sort of shake it off if you tell them they are brave. But truth be told, they are. They essentially live on a rock with active volcanoes on and below it. Eruptions typically occur every two to three years and sleeping giants could cause mass devastation at any moment without warning. And that’s exactly […]

Hiking Iceland’s Smoky Valley

Reykjadalur Valley

Plumes of steam rise up around me like smoke rising from a fire. One step in the wrong bubbling pool, and the soles of your shoes could literally melt. But not to worry; the dangerous pools are marked with signs and so long as you stick to the well-trodden trail, Reykjadalur is a beautiful spot […]

Kayaking in Iceland’s Westfjords

Kayaking to Vigur Island

Remote. Unspoiled. Breathtaking. With words like that used to describe Iceland’s north-west corner, known as the Iceland Westfjords, how could we not spend time in this true Icelandic wilderness? The Westfjords are teeming with wildlife – seabirds, seals, whales, and other marine mammals. There couldn’t be a better way to get up close to the […]

Iceland’s Ring Road in 1 Week

Iceland Ring Road Itinerary

Adventure Around Iceland Independently with Luxe Adventure Traveler’s Iceland Ring Road Itinerary This is a chance to explore the breathtakingly beautiful and natural wonders of Iceland as you journey around Iceland’s Route 1. On this 9-day Iceland Ring Road itinerary you’ll experience amazing scenery, active adventures, delicious Icelandic cuisine, and unique Icelandic farm stays. With […]

20 Must-See Landmarks Around the World

Ananda Temple

From the Hoover Dam to the Hermitage, these 20 must-see landmarks around the world are a dose of travel inspiration. Whenever we travel, no matter to far-flung places or in our own backyard, we’re attracted to the world’s most famous buildings and landmarks. We’ve picked 20 of our favorites from our travels around the world. […]

14 Places to Go in 2014

Bagan, Myanmar

Each year we look forward to planning our own travels and since we’ve got a community of readers that love to live a life of adventure, just like us, we know you do too! So we present to you 14 places to go in 2014. From our line up of postcard perfect beach getaways to […]

Our 13 Best Travel Moments of 2013

Anantara Golden Triangle

As another year comes to a close, we all tend to look back and reflect. We’re blessed to be able to look back upon another fabulous year of travel that took us to 21 countries in which we created countless memories we’ll treasure for a lifetime. With that much travel, it’s not the easiest of […]

10 Water Adventures Around the World

Cool off in the AZ heat by spending a day cooling off at Tonto Creek.

Each Friday on Twitter, there is a popular themed photo sharing hashtag called #FriFotos. We usually just share a few photos on Twitter, but every now and then a theme inspires us to write a #FriFotos post. This week is another fun theme, wet, so we compiled our favorite water adventures (in no particular order): […]