12 Spectacular Rooms With a View

Each Friday on Twitter, there is a popular themed photo sharing hashtag called #FriFotos. It’s really fun to participate in and we particularly like this Friday’s theme, which is “room with a view”. If you’re not on Twitter, no worries! You can still follow along in all the #FriFotos fun on Facebook and on Pinterest. And if you are on Twitter, are you following us? We were recently named as a one of Twitter’s 40 Most Influential Bloggers! But back to rooms with a view. We’ve certainly stayed in our share, and with upcoming trips to Thailand and an African safari, we’re sure more spectacular rooms with a view are in our near future. But for now, we narrowed it down (and it was tough!) to these 12 spectacular rooms with a view:

Anantara Kihavah Villas

Our deck from our room with a view in the Maldives

1. Anantara Kihavah Villas Maldives

I think it is going to be hard for just about any hotel to top this room with a view! (Challenges accepted!) Our over water villa with private plunge pool with deck with steps leading right into the Indian Ocean still has us pinching ourselves that we called this dreamy room home for 4 nights. The floor to ceiling glass door slid open from both the bedroom and the bathroom affording us magnificent views from our bed and our glass bottom soaking tub. Heaven on earth, if you ask me!

Astra Suites Santorini

Breakfast with a view

2. Astra Suites Santorini

There’s no debating Santorini is romantic. The whitewashed houses and buildings are set ablaze in a a sea of pinks and golds every night as the sun dips into the sea. Our honeymoon jacuzzi suite was the perfect place to privately watch Santorini’s famous sunset with a complimentary nightly bottle of wine, no less! And each morning the a la carte breakfast we chose from the menu the night before was delivered to our private balcony. We’d sit in our terry robes while eating steaming omelets and sipping freshly squeezed orange juice looking out to the caldera. See all 9 reasons why we loved this room with a view!

View from Pousada Monte Santa Luzia

View from Pousada Monte Santa Luzia

3. Pousada Monte Santa Luzia

My room with a view at Pousada Monte Santa Luzia was nothing short of amazing. I sat sipping a glass of port and watching the sun set while gazing out at the horseshoe sweep of beach, Cabedelo, the river estuary, and the dome of the temple of Santa Luzia. The ample breakfast buffet, which includes mimosas, is served on the terrace each morning with this same amazing view. It was a fantastic way to end my exhausting tour of Northern Portugal.

My favorite room: Gas Station

My favorite room: Gas Station

4. V8 Hotel

Okay, so the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart doesn’t have some amazing landscape lurking just beyond the hotel window, but check out the view inside! Ten of the hotel’s 34 rooms are themed like the gas station, a camper van, or Route 66. Each is unique and they overlook the car museum, which looks like a garage right out of a movie set. See all the reasons the V8 Hotel had us revving our engines!

Rica Ishavshotel Tromsø5. Rica Ishavshotel Tromsø

With Rica Ishavshotel Tromsø‘s position on the quay, the hotel seems to jut out into the water. We had the most magnificent view of the harbor and the Arctic Cathedral. We even slept with the curtains open just in case the Aurora Borealis decided to dance for us.

View from Capri Tiberio Palace

Sunset from Capri Tiberio Palace

6. Capri Tiberio Palace

Located in the heart of Capri’s old town and on a hill, our room with a view at Capri Tiberio Palace had a gorgeous panorama over the sea. We had a spacious balcony to enjoy the view from and it was so spectacular, we even stayed in with a take-out pizza to enjoy the view on one of the only sunny evenings on our Amalfi Coast trip.

Lecco7. Hotel Griso

We loved our lakeside room with a view at Hotel Griso in Lecco on Lake Como, Italy. We found this hotel for less than $100 per night when it was brand new and had no reviews yet. Deciding to give it a shot, we were more than pleasantly surprised at the spacious room with an amazing view of Lake Como. The lovely balcony was a perfect spot to curl up with a book (well, a book on my Barnes and Noble Nook) and a glass of wine.

Svalbard Hotell8. Svalbard Hotell

Svalbard is the  jumping off point for most expeditions to the North Pole and it’s only city, Longyearbyen, is where expeditioners will begin their stay. We spent 4 nights in the world’s northernmost city as our base for day snowmobile and dog sled expeditions in the most remote place we’ve ever been. In between, we rested our exhausted bodies in the warm beds at the Svalbard Hotell and enjoyed our gorgeous view over the Adventfjorden. Sunshine hadn’t quite returned to the High Arctic yet when we were there and we enjoyed the spectacular shades of blue and pink that reflected on the stark white mountains stretching up from the fjord.

Castello di Petroia

Rolling hills of Umbria

9. Castello di Petroia

Who doesn’t want to sleep in a castle at least once in their life? Castello di Petroia dominates a hill overlooking the Chiascio valley in Umbria, Italy and we had amazing views of the countryside from our suite. Quiet and seemingly miles from anything (it’s not; it’s conveniently located near Perugia and Gubbio though you’ll need a car), we enjoyed a relaxing weekend away. No bustling towns and sights we felt we had to visit, Castello di Petroia was a perfect romantic getaway, which is why it made our list of 7 Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day.

Northern Lights dance above Vogafjos Guesthouse

Northern Lights dance above Vogafjos Guesthouse

10. Vogafjós Guesthouse

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re a bit Northern Lights obsessed. So how could we not include Vogafjós Guesthouse, where there was no light pollution and the Northern Lights danced in the most spectacular show I’ve seen them put on yet?! Even in the daylight, which there wasn’t much of during our winter circumnavigation of Iceland, the views were beautiful of nearby Lake Mývatn and the Hverfjall crater.

Ritz Carlton Dubai11. Ritz Carlton Dubai

I also love a Ritz Carlton and I particularly loved the view from the Ritz Carlton Dubai. The pool stretched out immediately below our balcony and the private beach hugging the Arabian Gulf just beyond. Camels would regularly wander up and down the beach and we felt like we were in an oasis amongst the high rises.

Shangri-La Abu Dhabi

Room with a view of the Grand Mosque from Shangri-La Abu Dhabi

12. Shangri-La Hotel Qaryat Al Beri

We arrived in Abu Dhabi at the Shangri-La Hotel Qaryat Al Beri late at night after a full day of travel that involved a sea plane and two more flights from the Maldives. We could see we would be waking up to a spectacular view of the Grand Mosque, as it was lit up just across the water. We woke up on probably one of less than 20 rainy days Abu Dhabi sees each year, but stormy or not, there was no denying the amazing panorama of the Grand Mosque before us.

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So there you have 12 of our favorite spectacular rooms with a view! What is the best room with a view you’ve stayed in?

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12 Spectacular Rooms With a View


  1. says

    Wow, Jennifer – these are incredible! I just bookmarked this page under my ‘accommodation loves’ – hopefully I’ll make it to many of them myself :)


  2. says

    Nicely done! You’ve racked up some pretty killer views in your travels. If I had to pick one, I’d have to go with the Maldives as my favorite. There is nothing quite like waking up to that incredible view each morning.

    • says

      I agree, the Maldives are incredible! We loved seeing the uninhabited islands dotting the horizon, the dolphins playing in the water directly in front of our deck, and the amazing shade of the water. It truly is a paradise. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip to the Maldives!

  3. says

    Good post. Being a resident of U.A.E and having stayed in Shangri-La Hotel’s sister property at Qaryat Al Beri, I agree totally on your take of the Grand Mosque view. It is simply spectacular from that side of Abu Dhabi.

  4. says

    You have stayed in some amazing places! I think anywhere with a sunset or beach view is fine by me. The Four Seasons Manele Bay was pretty amazing considering there were often dolphins jumping outside our window. Nothing beats the six months I lived on the beach in San Diego though. I hope one day I can afford one of those million dollar homes that may or may not crumble into the ocean (they are on top of dirt cliffs). haha

  5. says

    Gosh every place had the most amazing view….I so wouldn’t be able to decide which one would be the most gorgeous to stay at! My boys would love that V8 Bedroom :)

    • says

      The Maldives was even more dreamy than we had ever imagined it would be. I highly recommend for everyone to go and see it for themselves.

      And the Northern Lights are definitely worth seeing. Plus, there is so much to do like snowmobiling, snowshoeing, dog sledding, and more to do in Arctic destinations.

  6. Agnes says

    I agree, Rica Ishavshotel Tromsø has great view but it’s expensive. There are some other hotels just behind it with nice view too, like Clarion hotel.

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