10 Water Adventures Around the World

Each Friday on Twitter, there is a popular themed photo sharing hashtag called #FriFotos. We usually just share a few photos on Twitter, but every now and then a theme inspires us to write a #FriFotos post. This week is another fun theme, wet, so we compiled our favorite water adventures (in no particular order):

Clown Triggerfish on Baa Atoll, Maldives

Clown Triggerfish on Baa Atoll, Maldives

1. Snorkeling in the Maldives

I’m a Pisces, so it’s no surprise I love being in the water and swimming with the fishes. And the Maldives was like Mecca for lovers of the underwater world. Not only could we snorkel right from our over water villa, but a gorgeous reef completely surrounded Kihavah Huravalhi Island. We’ve never seen so many different and colorful fish!

Dolphin Discovery Anguilla2. Dolphin Trainer for a Day

Once upon a time in what now seems like a completely different lifetime, I wanted to grow up to be a marine biologist. Specifically I wanted to work with dolphins. That didn’t happen, but I did get to get up close and personal with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery in Anguilla.

Sea Kayaking Santorini

Photo courtesy of Santorini Sea Kayak

3. Sea Kayaking in Santorini

Santorini is perhaps one of the most popular Greek islands to visit. We wanted to experience it in a unique way and we definitely did just that sea kayaking Santorini’s south coast to beaches only accessible by boat.

Surfing lessons on Maui4. Surf Lessons in Maui

The number one thing I wanted to do when we planned our trip to Hawaii was take surf lessons. Neither of us will ever be a pro surfer, but we had a ton of fun taking lessons. And our instructor had both us standing up and rising the waves all the way in to shore.

Stingray City5. Swimming with Stingrays

Stingray City is located along a coral reef minutes away from Antigua by speedboat. Southern Rays swim and feed here and visitors to the island have the opportunity to safely swim with them. If you feed them enough squid, they might even let you give them a hug!

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Snorkeling Silfra

I’m in nearly freezing water!

6. Snorkeling between the Continents at Silfra

While all our other favorite water adventures are warm ones, we had to include snorkeling at Silfra in Iceland. It’s a crack located between the North American and Eurasian continents at Þingvallavatn Lake in Þingvellir National Park in Iceland. The water hovers around 2°C (or 34°F) year round and you’ll spend more time suiting up to snorkel the icy waters than you will actually in them, but it’s totally worth it!

Shark Attack

Shark Attack

7. Getting Wet and Wild at Aquaventure

Dubai can get hot, hot, hot and the best way to cool down is to spend a day at Aquaventure at Atlantis: The Palm. Head for the Ziggurat, the central temple where all the water slides start from, and take the plunge through the pitch black Surge or shoot right through the shark lagoon on the Shark Attack.

Floating in the Dead Sea8. Float in the Dead Sea

At nearly 10 times saltier than any other body of water on Earth, it’s impossible to swim in the Dead Sea. Instead, people come to float and take the quintessential photo while effortlessly reading a magazine. The water is not only great for a photo op, but is rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromine and several others making it fantastic for rejuvenating the skin.

Salt River Tubing

Photo courtesy of Salt River Tubing

9. Tube the Salt River

A fun way to spend a day is to stop by Fry’s for some fried chicken, throw it in a cooler with some beers, and hit the Salt River. One tube for you + one tube for your cooler + some rope to tether you to your cooler = Arizona’s floating picnic. A bus drops you off and away you go down the river. The floating picnic can last anywhere from 2 to 5 hours; the choice is yours with 3 different exit points where a bus will take you back to the parking lot.

Cool off in the AZ heat by spending a day cooling off at Tonto Creek.

Natural water slides at Tonto Creek.

10. Slide down the natural water slides at Tonto Creek

Arizona can almost be unbearable in the summer heat at times. One way to beat the heat is by heading up to Tonto Creek for some hiking and playing in the creek. There are some rock water slides that will surely cool you off. While it may be 110°F outside, the Tonto runs a cool 60°F in the summer time. The parking area for Tonto Creek is located about 1.5 hours northeast of Phoenix.

So there you have 10 of our favorite water adventures! What is your favorite water adventure?

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10 Water Adventures Around the World


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      I’m headed to Israel next month and hope to get back to the Dead Sea! I didn’t slather myself in the Dead Sea mud on our visit and I’ve always regretted it.

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